Chris distinctly remembers walking around his neighborhood as a kid and being fascinated by utility infrastructure such as manholes, catch basins, and the like and wondering, how does all this work? Curious about these fundamentals, as well as being good at math and physics, he shifted his initial college focus from criminal justice to civil engineering. Fast forward to 2006, and Chris was hired to work on a variety of projects out of BKF’s Walnut Creek office.

His favorite projects, completed over the span of his career, include those where he has been able to guide the process toward a positive outcome and away from a potential problem which could have been detrimental to his client. “I feel the most rewarded when I’ve been able to steer the ship in the right direction and provide value,” he said. “That’s what I get the most kick out of.”

He also particularly enjoys when he is able to connect with clients who understand the importance of what we do and are engaged in the process. “I can appreciate those clients who recognize that we are on the same team, moving toward a common goal,” he said. “After decades of building client relationships, I’ve come to understand how vital it is to look out for their best interests.”

He feels that BKF is a unique place to work because the senior staff are a trustworthy group of individuals who “are accountable for and to their staffs, accountable for their results, their contributions, and to each other.”

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