Alex started his career in civil engineering in 2000, but once he got his hands on a survey instrument, he was hooked and never looked back. One of his favorite things about working for BKF is the ambitious work mindset here. “When there’s an issue at hand or a new project we want to pursue but we don’t quite know exactly how to do it, we set out to educate ourselves – develop a work plan utilizing the plethora of BKF talent – and execute. And that has proven beneficial to us as a firm.”

Another thing he appreciates about BKF is the entrepreneurial culture and how great work and passion is rewarded. “Whenever someone has an idea, any sort of idea, it’s welcomed and encouraged. If they can come up with a well-thought-out plan of how the idea can be implemented and better serve our clients, then our leaders are all ears.”

Alex leads a group of 50+ surveyors and believes the top talent which BKF employs has been one of the reasons for the team’s success, as well as the assertive spirit of many of the members of the group. “Many of us on the team have the same driven personalities and we are fueled by challenging work.” Alex’s team has been at the forefront of providing atypical land surveying services and has focused on the profession’s rapidly-changing technology uses.

“Our former partners laid the foundation for our A level firm. Their efforts in the past now gives us the opportunity to be at the table on every project,” he said.

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