BKF’s human resources manager by day and Sequoia High School football coach by night, Alex Cabezon is a man of many talents. He initially joined the firm in 2001 as a recruiter, and over time, the management recognized his hard work and eventually promoted him to lead the human resources department. “One of the great things about BKF is that our managers pay attention to their staff, recognize their talents, and then offer opportunities to grow and develop their careers,” he said. “I know this firsthand, because it is exactly what happened to me.”

Alex says that one of the most rewarding things about his job is watching staff grow and change over the years. When he hires a college intern and then is able to witness them moving up into a beginning engineer position and beyond, it is satisfying. “I like to tell the young kids ‘hey, with hard work you could be a principal owner here someday! It’s happened!’”

When he hires someone to work at BKF, he looks for a motivated individual who, it seems, will give 100 percent. “Someone who is truly invested and wants to give their best effort to help the company succeed will definitely thrive here,” he said.

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