BKF has 100+ years of experience planning and designing water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure for both private and public clients. We provide end-to-end solutions, from master planning and modeling, to detailed design through construction. No project is too big or too small for BKF. We help homeowners get their drainage permits while concurrently solving large development and transportation projects’ drainage issues. We work on a variety of infrastructure, including

pipelines, tanks, pump stations, trash capture structures, and creeks. We also provide QSD/QSP services on many projects.


With nearly 400 employees bringing 2,500+ years of combined experience to our team, we confidently navigate complex project issues, including utility conflicts, permitting requirements, environmental restrictions, traffic control and construction impacts. We incorporate our lessons learned to keep your designs updated and precise, so that every project stays on track.


Mission Bay Water Resources Projects,
San Francisco

BKF has worked on water resources elements on over 100 acres in Mission Bay. Recent highlights include pump stations 3 and 5 and the development of concept plans for Park Site 23 to show how treatment volume could be metered and pumped into bioswales and bioretention facilities to meet C.3 provisions. We also worked with the developer and City of San Francisco on a Storm Water Management Plan for the system. Additional work in Mission Bay includes:

  • 9 submersible pumps
  • Low Impact Design (LID)
  • Shoreline & channel protection
  • Trash capture



City of Mountain View Trash Capture

BKF coordinated with the trash device provider and the City of Mountain View to ensure a design that properly conveyed the expected hydrologic flows and caused the least disruption to the local neighborhood. BKF was responsible for the design of a hydrodynamic separator placed within a residential area. BKF determined the final placement of the device based upon the results of a utility analysis, gas lines, sewer lines, and overhead wires were in the immediate vicinity.

  • Trash capture unit installation
  • Hydrodynamic Separator
  • City coordination



San Francisco Central Subway Sewer

Design-Build project of a 48-inch gravity sewer line and a 36-inch force main along 4th Street to avoid conflicts with the new San Francisco Central Subway. The project also includes modification of the 78-inch sewer line by removing the top brick portion and designing a concrete top and reconnecting all the laterals, culverts, and catch basins.



Oracle Office Park Stormwater Lagoon, Redwood City

  • Assisted with the hydraulic and hydrological calculations for the control systems for the Oracle Office Park stormwater lagoon
  • Work involved sizing the pump, designing the outlet and inlet structures, figuring the pump operation strategy
  • Analyzing water quality data and preparing water quality reports to the Regional Water Quality Control Board for three stormwater detention lagoons sized 11, 5.5 and 2 acres



Exbourne Water Tanks, Pump Station & Water Main, Phase 1, Belmont

  • New 1 MG steel water storage tank
  • 100-FT long, 14-FT high retaining wall for the tank foundation
  • Pump station with two 75 HP 1,000 GPM vertical turbine booster pumps 150KW emergency diesel generator
  • 12” water main from Exbourne pump station to Buckland pump station



Burlingame City-Wide Sewer Improvements

Burlingame city-wide sewer improvements included trunk sewer main rehabilitation, installation of new sewer lines, and lateral and manhole construction.

  • Sanitary sewer system improvement
  • Rehabilitation of existing trunk sewer lines
  • 48,340 l.f. of pipe bursting and open trench
  • Installed new sewer line from 8-inch to 24-inch and pipeline boring
  • Installed lateral and new manholes



SFWD, Bay Division Pipelines 3 & 4 Relocation Project, San Jose

  • Project consisted of relocating the 92-inch and 70-inch pipelines across Guadalupe River and Coyote Creek
  • Prepared contract documents (plans, specifications, and cost estimates)



SCVWD, Central Pipeline Relocation at Upper Penitencia Creek, San Jose

  • Relocation of Central Pipeline at the Upper Penitencia Bypass
  • This project included the design of the relocation of 1200-feet of 60-inch pipeline under the Upper Penitencia bypass



City of Milpitas Ayer Pump Station Improvements, Milpitas

Responsible for the preparation of the contract documents and costs estimates for testing and rehabilitation of the existing pumps and motors, replacing the variable frequency drives, installing a new water line and painting the reservoir.



Delta Coves Off-Site and Breach Water Lines, Bethel Island

Delta Coves is a 310-acre master-planned luxury waterfront community in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta area. Providing reliable water supply for drinking and fire suppression to the Delta Coves area on Bethel Island required innovative approaches to crossing sloughs and waterways to provide connections to the mainland.

  • Design of 900 l.f. of 20” welded steel water pipe on Bethel Island Bridge
  • Design of 6,500 l.f. of 18” DIP water pipe along Bethel Island Road
  • Design of 1,100 l.f. of 12” Fused PVC in 16” fused PVC and 30” steel casing under the Delta Coves breach by HDD
  • Preparation of plans, specifications and costs



Hillsborough 30-Year Stormwater Master Plan

BKF prepared Hillsborough’s 30-year Stormwater Master Plan strategy, including improvements to 35 miles of various types of pipe (mostly CMP and RCP), 1,160 catch basins, 130 inlet structures, 319 outfall structures, 276 manholes, and 49 trash racks.



Upper Atherton Channel

BKF provided engineering documents for multi-phase instream improvements, including a drop structure and two retaining walls. BKF utilized preliminary consultation with Corps of Engineers and the Water Quality Control Board to determine project recommendations.

1,200 linear ft. of channel alternatives for creek stabilization

  • Restoration of vegetation
  • Tight budgetary constraints
  • Stabilized channel banks
  • Corps of Engineers and Water Quality Control Board coordination



Stanford University
Energy System Innovation (SESI)

The new central energy facility is the hub of the Stanford University Energy System Innovations (SESI) project recieved the Best Global Green Project award by ENR in 2016. The $380-million project includes many energy saving and sustainable features including a new central energy facility with the largest heat-recovery chillers ever installed in the U.S.

  • Stormwater treatment
  • Backfilled 20 miles of underground hot water distribution piping
  • SESI will cut GHG emissions in half
  • 2015 Best Project in Energy/Industrial Award, Regional -ENR N. CA
  • 2015 Citation Award - AIA Portland
  • 2015 Editors' Choice, Best of the Best -Engineering News-Record
  • 2016 Global Best Project, Green Project -Engineering News-Record



CPMC: Hospital, Van Ness/Geary Campus & MOB, San Francisco

Five separate roofs gardens will crown the Van Ness and Geary Campus. The green roofs will act as protection against stormwater runoff. Rainwater will be captured and used to drip-irrigate planting areas on the roof garden, saving 180,000 gallons of drinkable water per year that would otherwise be sent to the sewer and stormwater system. BKF prepared an analysis of existing demand and forecasted demands for water, wastewater, and solid waste.



East County Hall of Justice, Dublin

  • Implemented hydromodification in order to ensure post construction run-off met pre-construction run-off conditions
  • Bioretention basins treated all the stormwater prior to discharging into large underground storage chambers that throttles back the stormwater to pre-construction run-off flow rates
  • Worked with Dublin San Ramon Service District to design and install a public water main through the site to create a new looped water system



Santa Clara County C1 Trail

  • Santa Clara Water District Creek Permit
  • Reconstruction of a Large Drainage Headwall
  • Wetlands, Creek/Riparian Corridor
  • Maintain creek habitat
  • Creek bank stabilization



South San Francisco Sewer Rehabilitation

  • Sewers were rehabilitated using CIPP
  • Some sewers ran under the SFPUC water pipelines





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