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NASA Ames Research Center,
Mountain View

BKF is responsible for the master planning of utility and roadway infrastructure improvements required to support the university campuses, research and development facilities, office space, and housing elements that comprise the NASA Ames Development Plan. Master planning activities include phasing the installation of infrastructure to support the progressive development of the site while minimizing initial costs and deferring major infrastructure improvements until they are needed.

  • World class research and development center located in the heart of Silicon Valley
  • 1,500-acre site
  • 1,100,000 sq. ft. office/research and development space
  • 100,000  sq. ft. residential space



SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Stanford

BKF provided the preliminary engineering services for the Research Support Building 52 Conceptual Design Report. Services included identification of all existing utilities that were in conflict with the proposed building footprint.

  • Utility realignments and new utility design
  • Peer review of the civil design
  • Review of conformance to SLAC design guidelines



Lockheed Martin, Sunnyvale

BKF has worked on Lockheed campus and site projects since the 1950s. We have been providing civil engineering, surveying, and land planning services to the 500-acre Sunnyvale Lockheed Martin campus since 1986 on an on-call basis.

  • 80-acre development
  • Design-build
  • Water System Master Plan
  • Storm Drain Master Plan
  • Sanitary Sewer System Master Plan
  • Fire System Master Plan



Lawrence Berkeley National Labs (LBNL), Berkeley

BKF has been providing civil engineering design and surveying services for the Berkeley Lab for ten years. Projects BKF has completed include:

  • 202-acre site
  • Master Plan
  • Computational Research Theory Building
  • FLEXLAB / Net-Zero User Facility
  • Integrated Genomics Building
  • Molecular Foundation



Lawrence Livermore National Labs (LLNL) Open Campus Master Plan, Livermore

The purpose of the LVOC is to foster innovation and collaboration between the laboratories and private industry. BKF’s efforts started with investigation and analysis of the existing condition and capacity of the existing infrastructure. We then assisted the team with the preparation of master plans for infrastructure improvements along with associated costs necessary to support the planned expansion.

  • Master Plan for the open campus expansion
  • 120 acres
  • 2.9 million SF facility
  • Summary of infrastructure impacts
  • Summary of sustainability goals
  • Interviewed key personnel to collect data




UC Davis J1 Lab Renovation, Davis

BKF provided site improvements associated with the building expansion and renovation of Building J1 on the UC Davis Campus.

  • Accessible parking stalls
  • Accessible travel path
  • New fire water service
  • 12” main
  • 550 linear ft. of 6” and 8” piping
  • New fire hydrant



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