David LaVelle, PE, LEED AP President, CEO



David Richwood, PE

Vice President


“During my career in the engineering business I have seen many changes. Storm water treatment regulations, CAD, Design-build, ADA, and the focus on sustainability have changed the way we design our projects. BKF’s ability to understand the changes, and address them to benefit our clients, has been a big factor in our success.”


Select Project Experience:

  • Santana Row, San Jose
  • Parkmerced, San Francisco
  • Highway 101 Widening, San Jose to Morgan Hill
  • Jefferson Avenue Grade Separation, Redwood City





“My experience includes project management of major highway, residential, commercial, educational, medical and research facility projects. I am proud to have been responsible for managing large multi-faceted design teams resulting in the successful completion of more than $1 billion of transportation projects in California.”


Select Project Experience:

  • SVRT BART, Fremont to San Jose
  • Mission Warren Grade Separation, Fremont
  • Stanford University - Various Projects
  • Oakland Army Base Redevelopment





Natalina Bernardi, PE, LEED AP

Vice President


Daniel Schaefer, PE, LEED AP Vice President


“I have been extensively involved in the engineering design and management of many highways, streets, bridges, parking lots, and pedestrian facilities in both Northern and Southern California. It's very important to me to work closely with public agencies, community organizations, utility companies, institutions, and private owners to address their specific concerns and incorporate regulations into design.”


Select Project Experience:

  • SR-4 (East) Widening, Contra Loma to G St., Antioch
  • BART Seismic Retrofit, Alameda/Contra Costa County
  • I-580 WB HOV Widening, Alameda County
  • Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement, Long Beach

“I believe that value is adeptly created through leveraging past experience with shared vision. By aligning our firm’s values with our clients’ goals, BKF influences our personal efforts to maximize the results. I enjoy working with my clients during the feasibility, alternative analyses, and planning stages to ensure that a project’s viability is considered early. On this foundation, we can work together to implement each project’s objectives.”


Select Project Experience:

  • Highland Hospital, Oakland
  • Alameda Point (Bayport, Alameda Landing, Site A)
  • California Shakespeare Theater, Orinda
  • On-Call Civil Engineering, City of Oakland
  • 140 New Montgomery, San Francisco


Todd Adair, PE

Vice President


“I work on a diverse array of projects, from site development for residential subdivisions, to high profile commercial developments. I also focus on environmentally sensitive and complex projects that make up a large part of the Bay Area landscape, including hillside developments, closure and development of landfill sites, bay mud soil projects, and endangered species habitats. I pride myself on the relationships I have established with my clients and always find a way to make sure that their needs come first.”


Select Project Experience:

  • Treasure Island Redevelopment, San Francisco
  • Candlestick Point & Hunters Point Shipyard Redevelopment, San Francisco
  • Pier 70 Redevelopment, San Francisco
  • SWL 337 Redevelopment, San Francisco
  • NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field
  • Intuit Campus, Mountain View

Scott Schork, PE

Vice President


“My main objective with all projects is to add value and exceed the client’s expectation. I achieve this by combining my technical expertise with proactive management techniques, delivering comprehensive design solutions for private and public projects. My aggressive hands-on approach to management has resulted in hundreds of successful projects ranging from small in-fill sites to large-scale developments such as Santana Row.”


Select Project Experience:

  • Santana Row, San Jose
  • Netflix Campus, Los Gatos
  • Mitchell Park Library/Community Center, Palo Alto
  • Kaiser Medical Office Building, San Mateo


Greg Hurd, PE, PLS, LEED AP Vice President


“Relationships are key to the success of a design professional. Establishing or maintaining a long-term relationship with a client is my primary intention on each project we undertake. To that end, our thoughtful and sustainable designs are driven by an understanding of our clients’ goals. We strive to build trust and confidence in BKF as a reliable partner in a project’s success.”


Select Project Experience:

  • VA 20 Year Master Plan, Palo Alto
  • Sutter Ambulatory Surgery Center, Elk Grove
  • Kaiser, South Sacramento
  • Oak Park Gymnasium, Sacramento


“I recognize that our clients are diverse and have different consulting needs. We keep each client's ultimate project goals in mind while managing the project budget, scope, regulatory compliance issues, safety, and overall efficiency. I make every effort to meet and exceed client expectations by providing cost-effective solutions that incorporate creative planning and superior technical execution through bringing the strongest possible team to the project from both in-house and outside resources with the appropriate skills and talents for complex and unique situations that lead to successful outcomes--the client's vision, delivered.”


Select Project Experience:

  • St. Josephs Health Care, Sonoma and Napa Counties
  • Indian Springs Resort, Napa County
  • Downtown Healdsburg Streetscape, Healdsburg
  • Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART)

Jaysen Long, PE, LEED AP

Vice President


Chris Rideout, PE

Vice President


“Since starting my career here at BKF many years ago, I have grown both professionally and personally. As a father of 3, my approach to design is influenced by how I would like the future to look for my children. This future includes incorporating sustainable design into healthcare and educational campuses, residential and commercial developments, and park and public utilities.  When designing, I try to envision how my family would feel using these facilities. My goal is to help your project become a place that many generations can enjoy.”


Select Project Experience

  • Parkmerced, San Francisco
  • Kaiser Hospital & MOB, Oakland
  • Sequoia High School Gym, Redwood City
  • 800 Brotherhood Way, San Francisco

“Anticipating and identifying critical design and project constraints early in the design is instrumental to the success of a project. I feel that proactive communication, both within the design team as well as with project stakeholders, is also key to success.”


Select Project Experience:

  • Tustin/Rose Grade Separation, Orange County
  • G-Street Grade Separation, Merced
  • Firestone Bridge Replacement, Norwalk/Downey
  • Herndon Avenue Widening, Fresno


Brian Scott, PE

Vice President


Davis Thresh, PLS

Vice President


“Surveying is my passion. I began my surveying career in high school, working as a chainman on a field crew. It’s an amazing process to be a part of living history for future generations to build great things. I share this perspective everyday with my teams - keeping them engaged to complete projects with a high degree of professionalism and to the client’s satisfaction.”


Select Project Experience:

  • BART Extension to SFO Airport
  • Gerald Desmond Bridge, Long Beach
  • Santana Row, San Jose
  • Hwy 4 Widening Project, Contra Costa County


Roland Haga, PE, PLS, LEED AP Vice President


Tom Morse, PE, LEED AP

Vice President


“I enjoy being an integral part of project design teams that strive to understand our client needs and expectations while meeting their project goals. My experience lends itself to developing innovative design alternatives while working through entitlement processes and meeting stakeholder’s requirements. Employing a hands on approach and drawing from my experience has allowed me to be successful in taking development plans related to residential, commercial/office, retail, education, parks and industrial projects from concept level through construction throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.”


Select Project Experience:

  • Crestmoor/Glenview Reconstruction, San Bruno
  • Devils Slide Trail, San Mateo County Parks
  • College of San Mateo Improvements, San Mateo
  • Columbia Solar Energy, Solar Farm Project, Pittsburg


“I have experience with a wide variety of land development projects, including large-scale commercial, office, and R&D developments. My responsibilities have included project management, preparation of construction documents including site, grading, and utility design, and specifications. I also have extensive experience preparing feasibility analyses, and assisting development teams through the entitlement process, including environmental review, planned development zoning, and tentative map approval.”


Select Project Experience:

  • Pixar Animation Studios, Emeryville
  • Facebook Campus, Menlo Park
  • Federal Building - 50 UN Plaza, San Francisco
  • LLNL Livermore Valley Open Campus Master Plan

Gordon Sweet, PE

Vice President


Eric Girod, PE, LEED AP

Vice President


“As a Transportation Engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area over the past two decades, I take great pride in participating and facilitating in the planning, environmental clearance, design, approval, and construction processes associated with transit-related engineering projects. From railway projects in Santa Clara County to freeway improvements in Sonoma County, I relish and embrace each opportunity to successfully manage and build transportation projects that help Northern Californians move towards the future.”


Select Project Experience:

  • SR 152/156 Interchange, San Benito County
  • Highway 101 MSN, Marin & Sonoma Counties
  • SVRT BART Extension, Fremont to San Jose
  • SR-4 (East) Widening, Contra Loma to G St., Antioch

“I strongly believe that a thorough understanding of my client's needs and expectations is paramount to a successful partnership.  My management approach is grounded on clear communication and hands on design involvement through all phases of development.  Being able to draw from my wide range of experience from master planned mixed-use redevelopment, to hillside single family subdivisions, to backbone utility infrastructure, offers a well-rounded perspective that I provide to all my clients.”


Select Project Experience:

  • 38 Dolores, San Francisco
  • Main Street Village, Fremont
  • Mission Bay – Various Projects, San Francisco
  • Safeway Retail Centers, Multiple Locations

Jacob Nguyen, PE

Vice President


Alex Calder, PLS

Vice President


“My experience includes all facets of land surveying with expertise in both the mapping and construction phases of our client’s projects.  I take great pride in mapping the property and encumbrances, foreseeing complex boundary/legal/title issues, and ensuring our client’s protection during the construction.  I bring passion to projects and strive to exceed our client’s expectations.”


Select Project Experience:

  • Transbay Tower, San Francisco
  • Brooklyn Basin, Oakland
  • Parkmerced, San Francisco
  • Treasure Island, San Francisco

“I am passionate about community-oriented projects, ranging from pedestrian-friendly trails through sensitive wetlands to downtown streetscape beautification projects around the Bay Area. On all my projects—large or small, I strive to deliver value to the project team by exploring innovative design alternatives, understanding the value of community involvement, and respecting all aspects of the environment.”


Select Project Experience:

  • VMware Campus, Palo Alto
  • Sand Hill Road Corridor, Menlo Park
  • Stanford School of Business, Stanford
  • Half Moon Bay Senior Housing, Half Moon Bay

Simon North, PE, LEED AP



Luis Garcia, PE



“My civil engineering career includes a variety of residential, commercial, industrial, and mixed-use projects in Northern California. My responsibilities often include taking projects from the conceptual stage through construction. Currently, I am involved with new mixed-use development projects in the bay area, including Brooklyn Basin in Oakland and both Salesforce Tower and Hunter’s Point/Candlestick Point Phase II in
San Francisco."


Select Project Experience:

  • Brooklyn Basin Mixed-Use Development, Oakland
  • Salesforce Tower, San Francisco
  • Apple Stores (multiple CA locations)
  • Intuit Corporate Campus, Mountain View


“I have many years of technical and management experience in transportation engineering. My project expertise centers on highway, roadway, and utility improvements, which involve interchange modifications, widening of local roads, and right of acquisition in urban areas.”


Select Project Experience:

  • Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement, Long Beach
  • Highway 87, San Jose
  • BART Seismic Retrofit, Multiple Counties
  • VTA On-Call Services



Jeff Wang, PE



John Lamon, PE



“I have extensive experience in project design and development, and I have worked on many campus facilities in Northern California including UC Santa Cruz, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Merced, Stanford University, CSU Stanislaus, UOP, and many community college campuses throughout the state.”


Select Project Experience:

  • UC Berkeley - Various Projects, Berkeley
  • Stanford University - Various Projects, Stanford
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore
  • Santa Clara County Family Courthouse, San Jose


“I have many years of experience engineering transportation solutions in California. I specialize in geometric design, traffic signal design, ramp metering, signing plans, construction detour design, pavement delineation, and staged construction plan preparation for public and private sector clients. I strive to optimize a design by meeting project operational requirements and minimizing costs.”


Select Project Experience:

  • BART Seismic Retrofit, Multiple Counties
  • Facebook Offsite Improvements, Menlo Park
  • VMware, Palo Alto




Isaac Kontorovsky, PE



“As a strong advocate of environmentally responsible design, I integrate green technologies and practices consistent with today’s ecological needs. My management style and approach to project planning is centered around providing solutions that combine integrity, aesthetics and mindfulness for the project’s schedule, budget, and efficient construction procedures.”


Select Project Experience:

  • Hunters Point Block 48, San Francisco
  • Samsung Headquarters, San Jose
  • Verizon Wireless Headquarters, Irvine
  • Environmental Nature Center, Newport Beach (LEED Platinum)

Yousra Tilden, PE



“My management experience of water resources projects includes water and recycled water, sewer pipelines, rate studies, and water, sewer and stormwater system master plans. I've been responsible for planning, design and construction administration, and preparation of plans, specifications and cost estimates. I also have an in-depth background in permitting and grant process, preparation of contract documents, and agency coordination.”


Select Project Experience:

  • Delta Coves Development Water System
  • Northrop Grumman Utilities Replacement
  • San Francisco Central Subway Sewers Design Build
  • AWSS Earthquake Resistant Pipelines

Geoff Coleman, PE, PLS



"I am responsible for the review, coordination and oversight of civil engineering projects. With 20+ years of experience in hydrology and hydraulic design and integration of low impact development (LID) techniques, which harvest storm water and encourage infiltration, I aim to increase value and longterm sustainability on every new project."


Select Project Experience:

  • Dick’s Sporting Goods, Santa Rosa
  • City of Santa Rosa On-Call Services
  • Carmax, Santa Rosa
  • Coddingtown Mall, Santa Rosa



Chris Mills, PE, PLS



"With 20+ years of technical design and management experience, I work hard to manage projects with clear communication and documentation. As an Associate Project Manager, I'm responsible for managing all aspects of the feasibility, compliance, design, coordination, review, and approval of projects. I manage large design teams and work closely with public agencies, community organizations, utility companies, institutions, and private owners to incorporate specific concerns and regulations into the design."


Select Project Experience:

  • The Homes at Elworthy Ranch, Danville
  • Alameda Landing Mixed Use, Alameda
  • California Shakespeare Theatre Renovation, Orinda
  • Stoneyridge Lane Condominiums, Walnut Creek

Eric Swanson, PE, QSP/QSD



Jason White, PE, LEED AP



"I have always enjoyed the design process and sense of achievement that results from arriving at thoughtful, sustainable solutions through collaboration with clients, stakeholders, and design team partners. With 20+ years in civil engineering managing projects throughout Northern California, I am able to provide valuable insight  from a project’s conception, entitlements, design and construction.  I lead a team of engineers proficient in supporting civic, transportation, education, and private development projects with emphasis on frequent communication and teamwork."


Select Project Experience:

  • UCSF Parnassus Campus Projects, San Francisco
  • Lyric Mixed Use, Walnut Creek
  • Emeryville Center of Community Life, Emeryville
  • 2800 Sloat Blvd. Mixed Use, San Francisco


“I specialize in infill and reuse sites.  I leverage my understanding of the local site conditions, governing jurisdiction requirements, and my construction background to deliver successful projects. I especially enjoy the design-build delivery system, as I believe the collaborative process provides the best value for the project owner. Through extensive communication I am able to identify and resolve challenges efficiently for my clients."


Select Project Experience:

  • Sacramento State Student Housing II
  • San Jose State Campus Village
  • Castro Valley Boulevard Streetscape
  • Jean Sweeney Open Space Park, Alameda


Chuck Humpal, PE, QSD/QSP



"Civil engineering is problem solving, but the technical design is often the least demanding problem to be solved.  Understanding and addressing clients' needs and expectations, satisfying agency requirements, clearly presenting options and recommendations to facilitate team decisions, and developing a design that is constructible and cost-effective as well as technically correct - these are the aspects of the job that keep project management challenging and rewarding for me after 25+ years in the industry.  Working with a great team of professionals, including owners, management consultants, designers, contractors, and reviewers, to successfully complete a difficult project - that is what makes the job enjoyable."


Select Project Experience:

  • NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field
  • Candlestick Point, San Francisco
  • Oracle World Headquarters, Redwood City
  • America Center, San Jose


James Dallosta, PE



”Integrating sustainable design strategies with a thoughtful consideration of infrastructure requirements and site constraints is fundamental to a project’s success. My approach to project management and collaborative client and consultant relationships has a proven track record on a wide variety of land development projects, including mixed-use, commercial, residential, roadway, R&D, and campus developments. Building on my experience with sustainable infrastructure, site planning, grading, utility design, cost estimating and construction administration, I am able to effectively consult with clients to deliver results at multiple phases of the development process.”


Select Project Experience:

  • Orchard Park Residential Development, San Jose
  • Visitacion Valley/Schlage Lock, San Francisco
  • Samsung Research Center, Mountain View
  • Monticello Village, Santa Clara



Derrick Crandell


Alex Cabezon

HR/Recruiting Manager

Kelly Cabezon

Corporate Office Manager

Jean Chen



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